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Elite Gel Travel Block ForhjulstøtteFor alle hjulstørrelserWay too high! Take the bike front wheel 4 cm up.
Pirelli Scorpion MTB H Lite DekkHard, 29"x2.2", 120 TPI, TR, 660 gBy far, in my 20 years MTB I never seen such performances. I very seldom write about things I buy but this time I feel obliged to it and I’ll keep very short: super simple to install, of which can be a pain in case of punture. Amazing grip but still providing the right balance between speed and and precise steering! For the first time on the typical off road tracks I’m using (grusveien) I was able to stand in my pedals on a 12% climb without losing by back wheel because of spinning! I was not aware of Pirelli producing in this segment, typically they are on high performance cars and I have to say this product was a very nice surprise, also price wise ! Felt in love after the first ride !